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"Behind every phenomenal film is a highly potent screenplay, and that's precisely why Monte Hellman's and Steven Gaydos' newest noir-thriller, 'Road to Nowhere,' packs such a huge wallop."
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road to nowhere the los angeles times review

"Two Thumbs Up! I think this is a pretty great movie ... I really loved it. It reminds me a lot of Mulholland Drive... we both agree this is a pretty darn good movie."
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road to nowhere the los angeles times review

"The film is a stylish, shimmering neo-noir with a multi-layered narrative for which the director's longtime collaborator Steven Gaydos has written an exceedingly elliptical and challenging script."
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road to nowhere movie line review

"Monte Hellman's new film 'Road to Nowhere' is a fascinating, frustrating, languorous journey through the movies' heart of darkness"
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road to nowhere amc film critic review

" Monte Hellman returns with Road to Nowhere, a slippery near-masterwork that turns his realist sensibilities in on themselves to depict fractured, imagined realities, a film within a film and a nightmare inside a conjured dream"
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road to nowhere indie wire review

"Road To Nowhere -Average criticWIRE rating: B+"
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road to nowhere time out new york review

"Calling Road to Nowhere a noir is like referring to Hellman's cult classic Two-Lane Blacktop (1971) as a road movie: Technically correct genre assignations hardly do justice to either work's existential ennui and elliptical, Euro-jagged style"
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road to nowhere village voice review

"It combines a working knowledge of on-set dynamics with corny cinephile in-joking, frequently elevated by the fresh evidence of Hellman's craft in the tranquil, largely nocturnal atmosphere"
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road to nowhere the new yorker review

"Cinematic ecstasy, a tight-lipped creative intensity of a rare exaltation. Whatever else 'Road to Nowhere' is, it's a paean to the art of the cinema - and to the raw, violent relations of love and power on which the cinema is built."
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road to nowhere movie line review

"Ooohh. Your cast includes Shannyn Sossamon as the young woman, Cliff De Young as the powerful politico, and Waylon Payne as the passionate filmmaker"
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road to nowhere long island pulse magazine review

" Careful viewing is required to decipher which events are 'real' and what is the film-within-the-film, with even the credits being playfully deceptive. At age seventy-nine, Hellman has created a powerful and haunting work that can stand with his best films."
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road to nowhere the new york times review

"'Road to Nowhere,' the latest from the 77-year-old Mr. Hellman, isn't 'MASH,' but it is enigmatic, elliptical, defiant of formula and possesses his almost perverse aversion to commerciality."
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road to nowhere the los angeles times review

"Monte Hellman, the most idiosyncratic of the talented filmmakers mentored by producer Roger Corman in the '60s and '70s, is drawing raves for his latest film, "Road to Nowhere," an intense, romantic movie-within-a movie."
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road to nowhere nashville scene review

"Maverick auteur Monte Hellman - who directed the cult classics Two-Lane Blacktop and Cockfighter, gave an early career boost to Quentin Tarantino and once served as Sam Peckinpah's film editor - will be represented at next month's fest by his first new feature in more than 20 years, the tantalizing neo-noir 'Road to Nowhere'"
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road to nowhere the austin chronicle review

"Beautifully shot and edited and as cinematic as anything Hellman's ever done, Road to Nowhere is, as Tom Russell sings, 'a love song to the movies in our hearts.'"
-The Austin Chronicle Read More

road to nowhere ashville citizen times  review

"Lewis is also the film commissioner for Western North Carolina and will be attending the screening of 'Road to Nowhere,' a film set in our mountains."
-Ashville Citizen-Times Read More

road to nowhere we are austin review

"The South by Southwest Film Festival got a record number of submissions this year. The film, 'Road to Nowhere,' is one of the select features that is screening."
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road to nowhere filmmaker review

"There's little better at restoring one's faith in cinema then when a great director returns from the wilderness. Terrence Malick was MIA for 20 years between Days of Heaven and The Thin Red Line, but Monte Hellman's time away from feature filmmaking has been even more prolonged."
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road to nowhere cinema scope review

"Hellman does not make films that try to copy reality or represent facts that have taken place elsewhere, but films that are as physical evidence in themselves, as only the medium allows. The question of what is cinema remains of course open, but in Road to Nowhere Hellman gives another hint of an answer."

-Cinemascope Read More

road to nowhere film school rejects review

"I once again want to see this film for a singular reason. Shannyn Sossamon stars. Sadly, whereas Gerwig is on the rise Miss Sossamon seems to be eternally missing the stardom train. She has an ethereal beauty, but as she's shown in films like Rules Of Attraction she can easily play the charismatic and goofy roles just as well"

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road to nowhere austin post review

"'Road to Nowhere' wins my personal award for the most beautiful trailer ever"

-Austin Post Read More

road to nowhere indie wire review

"Filmmaking legend Monte Hellman ('Two-Lane Blacktop,' 'The Shooting') returns with his first proper film in years with 'Road to Nowhere.' Made for under $5 million, it's been described as a 'romantic noir' and a movie within a movie about 'a North Carolina political scandal, a double suicide, multiple identities and myriad flashbacks, U-turns and pirouettes in the plotline.'"

-IndieWIRE Read More

road to nowhere badass digest review

"'Road To Nowhere' - A new film from Monte Hellman? And it's not a cheap horror sequel? That's all I have to hear."

-BadAss Digest Read More

road to nowhere roger corman's legendary films review

"Before a screening of Road to Nowhere, an act of poetry was had as Monte was presented the Maverick Award. And the presenter? Well, the only person qualified to give such an award to Monte, as their name and reputation as a maverick are notorious and synonymous with independent production; none other than Roger Corman."

-Roger Corman's Legendary Films Blog Read More

road to nowhere variety review

"'Road to Nowhere' was shot in Los Angeles and the Smoky Mountains in the U.S.; Lago di Garda, Verona and Rome, Italy; and London. Entertainment One holds the worldwide sales rights; Capricci Films is releasing it next month in France, Spain and Belgium."

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road to nowhere indie WIRE review

"'Road to Nowhere,' the first feature film in over two decades from acclaimed director Monte Hellman, is set for a late spring release through monterey media"

-IndieWIRE Read More

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